(April 6) SALINAS, Calif. — Foxy Foods LLC is merging into Taylor Fresh Foods Inc., giving its products access to Taylor Farms’ regional processing facilities and distribution capabilities.

Foxy Foods, led by executive vice president Nicholas DaCosta, will continue to operate out of its Gonzales facility, DaCosta said April 5.

Bruce Taylor, chairman and chief executive officer of Taylor Foods, said Foxy Foods is a $75-million operation.

“It will take between 60 to 90 days before the final details of approval of the merger can be completed,” DaCosta said.

Tom Nunes Jr. is president of both The Nunes Co. Inc. and Foxy Foods, which was solely owned by a separate growing operation, Nunes Vegetables Inc. Nunes said he would step down as president of Foxy Foods when the deal is finalized. Nunes will continue to operate its bulk commodity operations separately.

Nunes said the merger did not involve a cash purchase for the Gonzales facility, but that Foxy Foods owners, along with Nunes Vegetables Inc. and some growers, would become shareholders of Taylor Fresh Foods.

The Foxy brand still belongs to The Nunes Co., which sells produce grown by Nunes Vegetables. The Nunes Co. licenses the brand to Foxy Foods, Nunes said.

DaCosta said the deal will benefit Foxy’s customers because the company will be able to use regional processing plants that Taylor Fresh Foods has built around the country and in Mexico.

“We primarily operate out of this facility in Gonzales,” he said. “By being able to use their regional platforms we should be able to service our customers better by offering next-day service.”