The Packer TV provides news in a different format


The Packer TV provides news in a different format

In the past year, The Packer has made great strides in
expanding itself as the industry’s leading brand of news and information
into the digital world. With the redesign of to deliver news on a
moment-by-moment basis, The Packer changed the way the industry
receives and reads its critical news.

As readers continue to evolve, The Packer is making another major stride to innovate and capture readers wherever they are. The Packer is excited to introduce the newest format to provide your weekly dose of fresh produce industry news — The Packer TV.

Our embrace of video as a forum to deliver news is certainly nothing new and should be very familiar to anyone with a TV. The move to internet video, however, is still a little foreign to many people. Video provides the most engaging format for delivering news, and when combined with the interactive nature of the Web, you can see why online video is becoming the fastest growing segment on the Internet. Here are just a few statistics that demonstrate the growth of online video:

  • 90% of Internet users prefer video over reading an article;
  • the number of global video “consumers” increased 82% in 2009;
  • the number of U.S. video consumers increased 124% in 2009; and
  • the average viewer spends more than three hours per month watching video.

The Packer TV will be a presented as a weekly Webcast available every Tuesday and on-demand all week 24-7 at

All episodes can also be viewed on iPhones, iPods, iPads, Blackberries or downloaded and viewed at your convenience from your laptop.

The new format will provide highlights of that week’s Packer news stories in am interactive and entertaining format.

Each week, The Packer TV viewers can expect content on top news, commodity updates, regional reviews, marketing highlights and much more — all in less than 10 minutes.

The Packer TV content will leverage the latest technology to provide an exceptional viewer experience and gives you a forum to interact, comment and discuss the content with others.

You can access The Packer TV straight from or go directly to the video at