(Sept. 25) A recall training course to help the produce industry “communicate under fire” and a media training session are being offered by the United Fresh Research and Education Foundation, Washington D.C.

The two-day recall training course is designed to help industry leaders and managers prepare for potential recalls.

It will address topics such as:

  • company rights and responsibilities;

  • the role of the Food and Drug Administration;

  • how to limit liability;

  • how to manage customer expectations;

  • how to build a customized communication plan; and

  • how to effectively communicate to the industry, consumers and media in the event of a recall.

Participants will hear from legal professionals, FDA staff, communication experts and industry leaders who have been through recalls.

The media training session is a half-day practice course in which participants will practice being interviewed on camera and under lights.

Communications experts will discuss how to deliver messages while being interviewed aggressively.

“Professionals who have been through recalls put a lot into this program,” said Amy Philpott, vice president of marketing and industry relations for United Fresh.

“They all said that communication is so important. It is one of the aspects that people don’t tend to put a lot of time into, and it’s one of the most important factors, besides actually getting the product recalled.”

The two-day recall training course is being offered in Baltimore Nov. 8-9, and in San Francisco Feb. 28-29.

The half-day media training session is scheduled in Baltimore on Nov. 10 and in San Francisco on March 1.

The cost of the recall course is $895 for United Fresh Produce Association members and $1,195 for nonmembers.

The media session is $995 for members, $1,295 for nonmembers. Members are also offered a combination price of $1,695 for both courses, while nonmembers may attend both courses for $2,395.