BERLIN — The World Apple and Pear Association appointed Kevin Moffitt as its president Feb. 11 during its annual meeting.

Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of Pear Bureau Northwest, Milwaukie, Ore., praised the association for its role in collecting production data, cooperation on furthering fruit quality, health and nutrition and best practices on promotion.

“Much remains to be done, and as WAPA is entering into its second decade of activities I am looking forward to further enhance and consolidate globally the role of the association while fostering the cooperation of the members on so many matters of common concern,” Moffitt said.

This year marked the first time a representative from China — the world’s top apple- and pear-producing country — attended the WAPA meeting.

The association plans to further develop its website as well, with more information on production data, scientific research and nutrition data.

Crop outlook

For 2011, Southern Hemisphere (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa) apple crops are expected to reach 5.23 million metric tons, while pears will hit 1.55 million metric tons,according to WAPA.

For apples, that's a drop of 1 % from 2010. Exports should rise 5%, to 1.76 million metric tons, according to the association, while the pear crop posted a 10% increase from 2010 with exports expected up 5%, at 827,098 metric tons.

In the Northern Hemisphere in January, U.S. apple stocks fell 4%, to 1.49 million metric tons. Pears fell 16.7% to 152,629 metric tons, according the association.

European apple (3.32 million metric tons) and pear (562,586 metric tons) stocks are also lower this year, a drop of 12% for apples and 14.5% for pears compared to last year, according to WAPA.

WAPA’s meeting took place at the end of the Fruit Logistica expo, which. ran Feb. 9-11.

UPDATED: Kevin Moffitt named WAPA president