(UPDATED COVERAGE, 11:33 a.m.) Two officials of Minneapolis-based The Sholl Group II have left to work for companies with ties to The Sholl Group.

In addition, some Sholl Group activities will now be handled by a company it has a share in, Salinas, Calif.-based Colorful Harvest LLC, said David Knutzen, chief financial officer of The Sholl Group.

Jason Landry, The Sholl Group’s former director of sales, is now vice president of sales for F&S Produce, which packs a line of Green Giant Fresh products. Landry started at F&S Feb. 1. The Sholl Group was formerly the licensee for the Green Giant Fresh brand.
Dan Sholl, who had been the company’s Midwest regional sales manager, will become general manager of California Sprouts LLC, a sprouts supplier co-owned by The Sholl Group, on March 1.

The Sholl Group also has plans to shift certain business functions to Colorful Harvest. The company did not say what those functions would be or when the change would take place. 

“In March and April (of 2009), after we spun off our (Green Giant) licensing, we made some adjustments,” Knutzen said. “When Jason was offered a new position, it gave us an opportunity to look at it again.”

Knutzen said Colorful Harvest would likely take on some tasks that currently overlap between Colorful Harvest and The Sholl Group.

“We’re looking at ways of sharing resources, so we don’t have a duplication of things we’re doing in Minnesota that could be better handled in California,” he said. “We’re looking for the most efficient way of doing things.”