Pelion, S.C.-based greens and vegetable company Walter P. Rawl & Sons unveiled a new company logo in July.

UPDATED: WP Rawl unveils new logo

The redesigned logo, designed to emphasize the Rawl family name and the company’s continued growth, should start appearing on boxes and packaging within the month.

“We wanted a corporate logo or a company logo to kind of be the foundation,” said Ashley Rawl, director of sales and marketing. “We are going to use our logo and our brand in a very systematic approach of building brand awareness and being more relevant to the times of today.”

The new logo features the company name, WP Rawl, instead of the former Rawl brand logo. It also features the company’s tagline, “Our business is growing,” which the company has used since the 1970s.

 WP Rawl was founded in 1925 as a greens grower, but has developed into a more vertically integrated company, now growing, packing, shipping and processing greens and vegetables.

WP Rawl specializes in bulk and value-added leafy greens and vegetables, including collard greens, turnip greens, kale, peppers, corn and squash. It markets under Rawl, Nature’s Greens and Versatile Veggies brands.