Innovative Fresh BV, Heemskerk, The Netherlands, has joined forces with Kansas City, Mo.-based FreshXperts LLC, a company specializing in addressing business development and management of produce companies.

“The main advantage to our group is that we can reach the European market,” said Anthony Totta, administrative member for FreshXperts.

“For Innovative Fresh it allows them to be part of the U.S. side, so the services they offer in Europe can also be offered here,” he said.

 Totta said Innovative Fresh became the ninth fresh produce consultant/agency at FreshXperts on June 1.

“We are all combining under one umbrella at FreshXperts,” he said.

This cooperation will cover both the U.S. and European markets and allows FreshXperts to become the first consulting group in the produce industry to do business in both continents, according to a news release. 

“We firmly believe in building global partnerships,” Jelger de Vriend, managing partner of Innovative Fresh, said in the release. “The strongest innovations have always come from intimate collaboration.”

Innovative Fresh provides produce strategic sourcing reports to Europe’s produce companies and retailers. The company also monitors markets and offers consulting services by developing sourcing and merchandising strategies.

FreshXperts has a group of consultants that also focus on marketing, distribution and retail management needs of produce companies, their distributors and retailers, according to the release.

“This collaboration and the sharing of information have strengthened all of us,” Totta said. “We are a bigger intellectual pool of experience.”