(July 14) The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., officially appointed three new administrators July 12.

Edward Knipling is the new administrator of the Agricultural Research Service. He had been acting administrator since December 2001. He has worked for the research service since 1968, when he was a plant physiologist in Florida.

In his position, Knipling will continue to manage the USDA’s internal research, overseeing 2,100 scientists working for the research service nationwide.

Former acting associate administrator Caird Rexroad also has been officially named to the position where he has acted since 2001. He is now the associate administrator of national programs at the research service, where he has worked since the dawn of his professional career in 1974. He will continue to manage scientific research through the research service’s national staff.

Antoinette Betschart, formerly area director of the Pacific West area, has also been promoted in the research service. As associate administrator of research operations and management, she will oversee scientific quality reviews, among other functions.