(Feb. 10, 10:21 a.m.) The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services launched a Web site Feb. 2 meant to help connect school administrators with the state’s growers.

Called the Farm to School program, the program’s goal is to get more Florida-grown produce into Florida schools by facilitating communication between the parties.

“That’s what it’s designed to do and it’s no more complicated than that,” said Terence McElroy, spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture. “It’s an opportunity for school administrators who are looking to buy more local produce to find producers, and also gives producers a way to find schools.”

McElroy said the department has been working on a prototype for some time, and already has a few growers involved. Growers in 15 of the state’s 67 counties are on board.

“We expect it to grow, but even if it doesn’t, if it only helps five growers and 20 schools, it’s not a loss,” McElroy said.

Marketing representatives from the department have been and will continue to reach out to school districts and to growers to grow the program, McElroy said. The new site can be accessed through the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Web site or at www.florida-agriculture.com/farmtoschool.