(Aug. 14) Echoing similar recent approaches by retailers such as Wild Oats, chain grocer Wegmans Food Markets Inc., Rochester, N.Y., this month reminded shoppers of its ongoing Homegrown Fresh program focused on promoting fresh, local fruits and vegetables.

Wegmans said it has about 900 partnerships with local growers, providing farm-to-store delivery of produce picked just hours before.

In a statement, Steve Thiergart, Wegmans homegrown zone coordinator for the Syracuse area, said Wegmans displays signs showing farms and farmers of local crops. He said corn tends to be the biggest driver of homegrown fresh items.

Operating 71 stores in five East Coast states, Wegmans has posted detailed information about its various local produce suppliers Online at http://www.wegmans.com/news/flash/homegrownPartners.asp.