After his 40-year stint with retailer Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. that ended in 2006, most of it spent in produce, Ken Green is moving on to his second position on the other side of the desk.

Green, who spent the last three years as vice president of sales for J&D Produce Inc., Edinburg, Texas, accepted a position as executive vice president of sales and marketing for Leamington, Ontario-based Westmoreland Sales.

“This opportunity came up and I’ve always liked the greenhouse part. I think it’s a really big and dynamic part of the industry,” Green said. “I’m at a stage in my career that I can make those decisions."

Westmoreland names vice president of sales and marketing


He started the new position April 14.

Green started with Montvale, N.J.-based A&P as a bagger when he was 16 and spent most of his career in its produce division, the last 25 of which he was vice president of produce merchandising. He, along with vice presidents of other departments, was let go late 2005 after the company sold its Canadian subsidiary and outsourced its buying functions.

Westmoreland names vice president of sales and marketing

“With Ken’s experience from the retail side, he’ll be able to get issues to us quickly, and relate to the concerns and needs on the retail side,” said Dino Dilaudo, Westmoreland sales manager. “It’s an element of improvement to our customer service.”

In early 2006, Green decided he wasn’t ready for retirement and started making calls to former suppliers to inquire about career opportunities. He was hired by J&D Produce, beginning his new career in produce sales, instead of produce buying.

“When I first made that move it was because of contractural obligations. I couldn’t work for another retailer, so I had to choose this side,” Green said. “But I’ve actually enjoyed it. Some people make the move and don’t like it, but I really like it.”

Green work both out of Canada and out of the U.S. He has retained an office in New Jersey.