(Sept. 17) SAN FRANCISCO — Andy Powning, a salesman for Wilkinson Greenleaf, is a big believer in life cycles, eating seasonally and the interconnectedness of producer, seller and consumer.

The philosophy is one that pervades the company, which focuses on organics and foodservice sales from its location on the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market. It’s also reflected in Greenleaf’s new Web site, which not only highlights what products are in season at any time but also shows how they’re used in the menus of Greenleaf’s foodservice customers.

The Web site, www.greenleafsf.com, was launched the first week of September.

“It offers a refreshing window into the Bay Area food world,” Powning said.

Besides featuring what products Greenleaf has available at any one time, the Web site offers profiles in cooking and grower profiles. In some features, Bay Area chefs answer questions.

Greenleaf has long produced a newsletter detailing produce available each month, its origins and its uses. The Web site has archived those, allowing users to browse past seasons to get ideas of what might be available for upcoming seasons.

“Say a chef wonders what to put on a menu six months out,” said Powning. “This way, he can access the archives and have a good idea of what to get and when.”

Web site visitors also can sign up to receive the Greenleaf newsletter at the site.

Powning said it is important to feature Greenleaf’s customers on the Web site. Featuring customer menus and phone numbers is a way of supporting them and thanking them for working with Greenleaf, he said. Pointing out that what helps Greenleaf’s customers also helps Greenleaf, he said he also wants to encourage consumers to look to their local growers and restaurants for food.

“Everyone wins when you promote local,” Powning said. “This Web site is all about promoting what’s near and dear to our hearts.”