Citrus Research and Education Center

Joseph Noling's program has adopted an integrated pest management approach to implement economically effective alternatives to methyl bromide. The program seeks to improve the performance and consistency of different control measures by ensuring consideration of various edaphic, biological, geographical, and ecological factors affecting crop response and pesticidal efficacy of individual and combined tactics. The ultimate goal is to provide an economically viable IPM replacement

Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Gulf Coast Research is pleased to announce the dates for the 2007 Florida Ag Expo as Dec. 6-7. Look for this year's event to be even better than the first. Visit the expo Web site, , for future updates, or contact the center directly at (813) 634-0000.

Indian River Research and Education Center

"Principles of Irrigation and Water" will be offered at the Indian River Research and Education Center for Summer Semester B. The course will begin July 2 and will continue until Aug. 10.

North Florida Research and Education Center - Suwannee Valley

Trials at the center include evaluation of specialty pepper and heirloom tomato production using open shade structures and soil-less culture. This work is a continuation of past successes using shade to extend the normal spring season through the summer and even until frost with the same crop.

Southwest Florida Research and Education Center

Two SWFREC faculty members made presentations in Lake Alfred as part of the Certified Crop Adviser training in April. Entomologist Phil Stansly spoke about "IPM of Citrus in the Post-Greening and Canker Era," and postdoctoral associate Monica Ozores-Hampton presented "Update on Nitrogen BMP Efforts with Tomato Production in Florida." Soil scientist Ed Hanlon helped organize the event, which was broadcast to four additional sites via video conference.

Tropical Research and Education Center

Faculty at the center have been invited as speakers for the International Diplomat of Tropical Fruits and Ornamentals at the University of Chiapas in Mexico.