The following is sample of some of the new varieties being offered to Florida vegetable and melon growers. The information contains a description and resistance tolerance for each entry.


–This hybrid Napa cabbage from Takii takes approximately 57 days to mature and is vigorous and extra slow to bolt. Heads weigh an average of 1 pound each, have fresh, bright green color and are a nice barrel shape. 

Emblem – Sakata’s hybrid green fresh- market cabbage is a blue-green, round, mid-season, fresh market cabbage with excellent internal quality. It has very good black rot tolerance, and Fusarium yellows race 1 resistant. An excellent cabbage for shipping.


– This hybrid cantaloupe from Syngenta Seeds is an innovative variety whose fruit can stay on the vine to maximize their sweetness – without going soft. Athena melons tend to stay firm even when harvested at full slip. So you don't have to trade flavor for firmness.


Top Bunch
– Top Bunch from Sakata is an early maturing hybrid with wavy, slightly savoyed leaves. Top Bunch is a Georgia (O.P.) type hybrid with quick regrowth. Suitable for fresh market bunching and machine harvest for processing. Excellent yielder.

Hi-Crop – Hi-Crop from  Takii is known for having large, heavy leaves, true blue-green color, and tasty, mild flavor. Also tolerant to heat and cold, and slow bolting.

Corn, Sweet

Prime Plus – Prime Plus from Syngenta Seeds has consistently surpassed the competition on tip-fill, providing flavorful, cylindrical ears that look great loose or in tray packs. These qualities, combined with resistance to common rust and tolerance to northern corn leaf blight and Stewart's wilt, make Prime Plus an all-around performer.

Winstar – As a full-season shipper, Syngenta Seeds offers Winstar. This variety has shown to have an exceptionally clean plant and a strong disease package including resistance to common rust (Rp1-d) and tolerance to northern leaf blight and Stewart's wilt. It has a short shank that pulls easy and attractive dark green ears. Combine Winstar with our newest bi-color supersweet, Camas, for same slot harvests.

Big Time – If you're looking for a superior bicolor supersweet, step up to Syngenta Seeds Big Time. Trials of this mid-season fresh market shipper show that it has what it takes to resist common rust (Rp1-d) and tolerate northern corn leaf blight and Stewart's wilt. About 78 days after planting, Big Time produces refined 8-inch ears with full rows of white and yellow kernels.

Camas – The newest supersweet bi-color from the ROGERS breeding program is Camas. In trials this full-season variety had an exceptionally sturdy plant, excellent husk cover and a short shank that tended to pull easy. Camas  typically matures in about 84 days with 16 to 20 rows of kernels. For same-slot harvest, it is recommended to plant with Winstar, our latest introduction in the yellow supersweet category.

Boreal – This mid-season fresh market variety from Syngenta is suitable for shipping. Boreal also has resistance to the Rp1-i race of common rust. Matures in about 78 days.

Tahoe-Hybrid White Supersweet Corn – Suited for commercial shipping, Tahoe is a white supersweet from Syngenta Seeds. This variety has attractive ears that are relatively cylindrical with good tip fill. This new hybrid is an excellent compliment to Boreal. In trials, it has shown enhanced husk length but with a comparable ear style.

Xtra-Tender Brand 1178 – One of a new breed of sweet corn from the Illinois Seed Foundation is called "shQ" (Super High Quality supersweet type). Xtra-Tender Brand 1178 is a very tender, very sweet shQ variety with good emergence and seedling vigor. It has a very attractive package and excellent tip fill. Seventy-eight-day maturity. Isolate with other supersweet types.

Xtra-Tender Brand 272A – This early bi-color hybrid from the Illinois Seed Foundation produces well-filled ears with a classy package that covers the tip. The “Super High Quality” (shQ) makes it a tasty and tender choice. Seventy-two-day maturity. Isolate with other supersweet types.

Xtra-Tender Brand 276A – A midseason bicolor shQ variety from the Illinois Seed Foundation has very tender, very sweet, and well-filled ears that taste fantastic! Outstanding eating quality! Ears are large and attractive with good flag leaves. Seventy-six-day maturity. Isolate with other supersweet types.


– Impact is an early-maturing slicer with high yields of Super-Select, dark green fruits. Resistant to Anthracnose, Angular Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Watermelon Mosaic Virus, and Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus. Impact also displays intermediate resistance to Cucumber Mosaic Virus, and Papaya Ring Spot Virus.


– A favorite strain of fast-growing yet remarkably slow-bolting cilantro. High yields, attractive deep green leaves.

Dark Green Italian-Parsley – Fancy, wide leaf type parsley with broad, smooth, glossy leaves. Makes for attractive bunches.


Coastal Star-Romaine
– Coastal Star from Coastal Seeds delivers taller plants with the ideal dark green color to meet current market demands. Suitable for “Hearts” or 24-count box pack.


– Nirvana from  Nunhems USA is a new deep granex type onion in the Rio Bravo class with the same maturity (early). Nirvana has more bolting tolerance and has a deeper, rounder shape producing higher yields than Rio Bravo. Nirvana is suitable for all growing areas around the world where granex shaped onions are the markets' standard.


– Crusader is a green-to-red  pepper from Syngenta Seeds and is the choice for many Southeast growers demanding a variety that consistently delivers beautiful high quality fruit for both green and red harvests. Crusader has shown excellent adaptability and is recommended for all planting slots in the Southeast U.S.

Brigadier – Brigadier is a  green bell from Syngenta Seeds and is noted for its combination of high yields, big size and ability to take the trip to retail with outstanding arrivals. Brigadier's ability to set and size under demanding growing conditions has made it an ideal choice for Florida and Georgia growers.

Lafayette – This green-to-yellow pepper from Syngenta Seeds provides predominately extra large sizes whether harvested green or yellow. Midseason maturity. Adapted to all regions where resistance to BLS races 1, 2, and 3 is important.

Telestar – Is an early, medium-dark green pepper with extremely smooth shoulders from Enza Zaden. Well-adapted to the Southeast USA, Telestar consistently produces blocky, thick-walled, 4-lobed fruits. BLS 1,2,3 resistant as well. (Bred by Enza Zaden)

Olympus-Hybrid Green Bell Pepper – A consistent performer, Olympus delivers continuous harvests of thick-walled, heavy fruits with a classy appearance and uniform shape and size. Matures in about 72 days from transplant.

El Jefe – El Jefe from Sakata yields large to extra-large very dark green and glossy fruit on large plants. Plants produce high yields of beautiful jalapenos. El Jefe is resistant to bacterial spot races 1-3.

Aruba – Aruba, from Syngenta Seeds, is a popular cubannelle with growers for its ability to deliver excellent yields of marketable fruit even when making size is difficult. Early maturity.

Tiburon – This poblano pepper from Sakata produces high yields of attractive, shiny, smooth, extra large fruit. Tiburon is mildly pungent and very dark green.

Golden Dagger – Golden Dagger is a larger, earlier hot banana pepper with lots of heat and less green streaks than other varieties at maturity. Average 55 days to maturity, fruit are about 8 inches long by 2-inch diameter.


Spineless Beauty
– Spineless Beauty from Syngenta Seeds has become the standard zucchini for Eastern U.S. squash growers. In commercial plantings, this variety has produced outstanding yields of high quality, uniform, medium green fruit that set early on an open plant. In Syngenta Seeds shelf life tests, Spineless Beauty fruit have maintained their attractive, glossy appearance, even after refrigerated storage. True to its name, Spineless Beauty is the only commercial squash variety with spineless petioles, so fruit are less likely to be damaged during harvest.

Dividend – Dividend from Syngenta Seeds is a hybrid zucchini squash with multiple virus tolerance, including zucchini yellow mosaic virus, which makes it the perfect complement to Spineless Beauty. Commercial plantings in the Midwest, Southeast, and winter production areas have proven Dividend's ability to outperform competing varieties in cooler temperatures with improved fruit length and quality, especially under virus pressure. This variety's vigorous,medium to large sized open bush is easy to harvest, and its uniform fruit have translated to high packouts.

Cash Flow – CashFlow is the most recent introduction of virus tolerant varieties from Syngenta Seeds. It has shown tolerance to some strains of ZYMV and has yielded good results in East Coast trials where it produced high yields of attractive fruit with adequate length. In some university trials, yields have been 14 to 25 percent higher than comparable varieties. CashFlow tends to have a larger, more vigorous plant than comparable varieties. When other varieties become less marketable in later harvests, CashFlow was still producing high quality, straight, attractive fruit.

Payroll – Payroll, a medium green zucchini from Syngenta Seeds, has the potential to become a step forward in the "CashFlow class" with its virus and powdery mildew tolerance. In Eastern trials, Payroll has demonstrated very good adaptability, showing high yield potential and excellent fruit quality. In addition to its powdery mildew tolerance, this medium green zucchini has exhibited good tolerance to ZYMV and WMV. Reduced spines and wide adaptability in several eastern growing areas are strong points exhibited in Payroll.

Enterprise – This yellow, straight-neck from Syngenta Seeds has become the standard for Southeast growers. Enterprise is known for its very productive, vigorous plant and broad adaptability. Enterprise is typically a high yielding, consistent performer that produces very smooth fruit with a slim, attractive bulb.

Gentry – Gentry from   Syngenta Seeds is a semi-crookneck summer squash that has consistently produced outstanding yields of butter yellow, smooth-skinned fruit with small blossom scars. Even under high temperatures, yields have been high for this hybrid. Its vigorous bush has fewer spines than competing varieties, which can reduce fruit damage during harvest and maximize profits. Gentry is adapted to most semi-crookneck production areas, particularly in the Southeast.

Avalon – This is the butternut hybrid for professionals. Avalon is Hollar Seeds newest and best butternut squash. It gives high yields due to its high packout. Somewhat larger than Waltham. Early to mature. Uniform, wide tops. Good tan color with fewer green stripes. Outstanding yields.

Atlas – This commercial hybrid Butternut from Sakata offers high yields of large uniformly sized and shaped fruit. Atlas is an early maturing variety at 90 days with strong plant vigor and short vine. Fruit color is cream with dark orange flesh. This winter squash has a cylindrical shape with a slight bulb, making it ideal for processing. 


– Now you have a choice in the east for a main season, determinate stake beef tomato. Sebring from Syngenta Seeds is on the fast track with extra large to large fruit, uniform green shoulders, and fruit quality characteristics that have been excellent in trials. From tight blossom end to smooth shoulders, Sebring has produced classy fruit and lots of it. Light to no pruning is recommended for this medium to tall plant. Developed in conjunction with the University of Florida/IFAS, tomato-breeding program, this hybrid has an excellent disease resistance package including Fusarium race 3 and Fusarium Crown Rot. 

BHN 444 – BHN 444, from BHN Seeds, is the first tomato variety released in the U.S. with resistance to Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. It has large globe shaped fruit on a medium tall determinant vine. Released in 1998, it is a widely adapted, proven performer for shippers, local market growers, and home gardeners wherever spotted wilt is a problem.

BHN 586 – BHN 586 is a new main season variety from BHN Seed with high yields, and excellent quality large to extra large fruit. The firm, attractive, uniform green fruit are well suited for mature green or vine ripe production throughout the Eastern U.S. and Canada. An important benefit for South Florida growers, is its resistance to Fusarium Crown and Root Rot.

BHN 640 – BHN 640 is a new hybrid tomato from BHN Seed for Southeastern U.S. production due to it's resistance to both Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and Fusarium Wilt race three. It has large, smooth fruit on a medium-tall determinant vine. The fruit have good firmness and uniform green shoulders, and are well suited for either gas green or vine ripe production.

BHN 410 – BHN 410 from BHN Seed produces large, attractive deep blocky globe shaped romas with high yield potential and a concentrated set. The fruit are jointless and have uniform green shoulders. This variety offers decreased labor costs through: fewer harvests from a concentrated fruit set, no need for pruning to achieve excellent size, fewer tying's of the medium compact bush.

BHN 411 – BHN 411 from BHN Seed is a roma type variety with a deep plum shape and medium to large sized fruit. Optimum for the roma market, BHN-411 has smooth shoulders that are a uniform light green. Fruit size maintains well into later picks, and fruit firmness, uniformity and flavor are excellent.

Monica – One of Sakata's best selling tomatoes, this saladette tomato yields a high percentage of extra large, elongated fruit and is firm. Monica has performed well in Florida. The plant is vigorous and its cover is generally good. The pedicel is jointed and the green fruit color is uniform. Given Monica's excellent performance, it's an ideal choice for growers looking for more size in a saladette variety.

Camelia – Maturing in about 65 days, Camelia from Haxera, has a vigorous vine that must be staked. Camelia produces globe-shaped fruits of cocktail-cherry size with excellent firmness and long shelf life.

BHN 268 – BHN 268 from BHN Seed is a premium extra-firm cherry variety that is widely adapted for production throughout the season in the Eastern U.S. BHN 268 offers distinctly improved characteristics for the grower, shipper and today's demanding marketplace. BHN 268 features very early maturity and produces excellent harvest volume.

Jolly Elf – Great tasting and firm with uniform green shoulders, Jolly Elf is a hybrid grape tomato that grows on a determinate plant of approximately 5' height. Ideal for labor-saving low-stake culture, Jolly Elf has a beautiful glossy red color and excellent uniformity of size and shape, and displays extended market life on the plant, in transit and on the shelf. 8 - 15 gram fruit have an average of 10 percent brix and low incidence of cracking. Harvest up to a week earlier than indeterminate plant types.


  The new standard for triploid crimson sweet watermelon, Sugarheart from Zeraim Gedera gives you excellent uniformity, outstanding internal and external quality, and high yields! Fruit weigh around 16-20 lbs, and are tolerant to hollow heart. Sugarheart is widely adapted, and matures in about 85 days from transplant.

Tri-X Brand 313 – Christened the "Original Seedless", TRI-X Brand 313 from Syngenta Seeds sets the standard for all other triploid watermelons. From seed germination to harvest, 313 is adapted to many climatic regions of the world with established performance.

Super Crisp – Super Crisp is a new triploid watermelon from Zeraim Gedera with outstanding eating qualities. Fruit is oval shaped and weighs between 15 and 19 pounds. It has a good strong vine and is easy to grow.

Revolution – Revolution, from Nunhems USA is unique in market for size, shape and rind pattern. 20-25 pound fruit are long blocky with wide dark green stripes on a medium green background. Revolution is an Allsweet type triploid, it has high sugar content, fine texture, nice red flesh and small seed traces.

Extazy-Hybrid "Personal Size" Triploid Watermelon – Unique, personal size with extraordinarily high quality. Brilliant red fresh is very sweet (12 percent brix) and very crisp. Round fruit mature in 80 to 85 days (from transplant), weigh 4.5 to 6.5 pounds, and have a green on medium-green stripe pattern. (Bred by Hazera)

SP-1-Nonharvestable Pollinator  As a multi-branched thin vine plant with lacy type leaves, SP-1 grows over the top of commercial seedless varieties and produces pollen over an extended period of time. Under current practices, seeded watermelons occupy dedicated space in a seedless watermelon field and may account for 25 to 33 percent of the ground (3:1 or 2:1 plant ratio). SP-1 requires no dedicated space in a seedless watermelon field. The field can be planted with a seedless watermelon variety at a standard spacing and the SP-1 "pollenizer" is then inter-planted (3:1 ratio) between every third and fourth seedless watermelon plant. Available only through Syngenta Seeds' Full Count Plant Program.