Review your farm's security program

What can you do to keep your farm safe? Here are a few tips from U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Be aware. Know who your law enforcement officials are and how to contact them. Also, you should regularly check the health of your animals and diligently scout your crops.

Be bold. Know your employees, monitor visitors and ask strangers for photo identification. Establish a system to promote ongoing security consciousness.

Be careful. You should have adequate outside lights and/or backup energy sources. Consider adding alarms, cameras, motion detection lights and other appropriate security enhancements.

Be diligent. You should lock doors and windows in addition to equipment and feed storage areas. Schedule and monitor all deliveries and maintenance.

Be enterprising. Inspect all feed, equipment and other inputs for signs of tampering. Also, develop alternative water and feed sources as backups.

Be focused. Limit access to storage areas. In addition, practice operation shutdown, reporting, quarantine and evacuation procedures.

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