Project Apis m. is working the California Department of Food and Agriculture's border inspection stations to help reduce heat and dehydration stress that honeybee colonies suffer during transportation.

The effort is in conjunction with the California State Beekeepers Association, according to a news release.

They hope to increase the number of hose bibs at the stations that inspect the most honeybee colonies.

In addition, they encourage out-of-state beekeepers to outfit trucks with soaker hoses and carry additional hoses and sprinklers.

To reduce the chance of transporting fireants, the group suggests beekeepers obtain "ant-free" certification and keep pallets as free of mud and debris as possible.

More than 1 million bee colonies are trucked into California annually to pollinate the state's almond crop.

Of the 2.5 million managed colonies nationally, the state uses about 1.5 million of those for almonds.

Project Apis m. is a nonprofit group established to help improve honeybee health.