The Environmental Protection Agency has granted a federal Section 3 registration to MasterCop fungicide from MANA Crop Protection of Raleigh, N.C., for use on a broad array of fruit and vegetable crops.

A dozen states have followed suit and have issued state registrations, says Keith Miller, MANA area business manager.

They are Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, he says.

Several additional state registrations are pending.

MasterCop contains the active ingredient copper sulfate pentahydrate. It targets several fungal and bacterial diseases, including citrus canker.

Where MasterCop differs from other copper products is in its particle size and formulation, Miller says.

"It's a completely unique formulation," he says.

The formulation is a solution and not a suspension.

This eliminates the need for mixing or shaking jugs, and the product is stable in storage from season to season.

The copper particle size in MasterCop is smaller than those in other copper-based products, allowing it to more easily penetrate the leaf cuticle where disease organisms are.

"Because of the particle size, we have improved bioactivity," Miller says.

In addition, the smaller particles help reduce nozzle wear.

MANA has applied to the Organic Material Review Institute to have the fungicide approved for organic use. Listing is expected in 2013.