The Environmental Protection Agency has registered Venerate, a biological insecticide from Davis, Calif.-based Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.

State registrations are pending.

The product contains the active ingredient Burkholderia, strain A396, cells and spent fermentation media, says Rich Fedigan, director of marketing communications.

The naturally occurring Burkholderia bacteria actually produce the bioinsecticide, kind of like minute living factories. The organsisms are then heat killed so users aren't releasing a live organism into the environment.

Venerate works by contact and ingestion to disrupt insect molting as well as degrade the insect's exoskeleton, he says. It can be tankmixed with numerous products ranging from fertilizers to fungicides, Fedigan said.

The product is labeled for a wide array of lepidopterous pests—pests belong to the order of butterflies and moths.

It also can be used on a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops.

Venerate is OMRI—Organic Material Review Institute—listed.