The Environmental Protection Agency has registered Priaxor and Merivon fungicides from BASF Corp. of Research Triangle Park, N.C.

State registrations are pending.

Both are premixes and both contain a carboxamide marketed as Xemium, according to a news release.

Priaxor is a 2:1 mix of pyraclostrobin, a strobilurin marketed as Headline, and Xemium.

It is labeled for use on potatoes and tomatoes.

In tomatoes, it controls powdery mildew and black mold.

On potatoes, it targets early blight and black dot.

Merivon is a 1:1 premix of pyraclostrobin and Xemium.

It is labeled for use on pome and stone fruit, where it controls apple scab; powdery mildew and leaf spot in cherries; and blossom blight, shot hole and powdery mildew in peaches.