The documentary, “The Fight for Water: A Farm Worker Struggle,” which puts a human face to California’s water crisis, will be released on DVD Sept. 16 on and other online merchants.

The movie follows a group of Central Valley growers and farmworkers who describe how federal water regulations in 2009 contributed to job loss and acreage reductions while wildlife refuges and protected fish species received more water.

As a result, the government declared the region a disaster, enabling more than 200,000 people to receive food assistance. Ultimately, growers and farmworkers led to a protest march across the valley to draw attention to their plight.

Latino growers George Delgado and Joe Del Bosque serve as the movie’s core voice.

The 78-minute independent film, directed by Carlos Oseguera, won best documentary honors at the 2013 International Monarch Film Festival and the 2013 Viña de Oro International Film Festival.

Hollywood actor Paul Rodriguez, who helped organize the march in the style of Cesar Chavez, is featured in the film, and former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes an appearance.

“The film is a lesson to be learned,” Oseguera said in the release. “Farmworkers don’t want handouts; they want to work. It’s something I thought I would never get to see in the United States. People in food lines and going hungry because of it.”

The DVD is available for pre-order for $19.99 from