Production of budded citrus trees in nurseries, an indicator of future citrus production, inched up slightly for the year ending June 30.

In its annual report, the Florida Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration in Winter Haven said about 4.7 million trees were propagated, up 0.25 percent from 2012-13. The figure also shows a leveling off of production from several years of increases.

The top varieties propagated were Valencia, Hamlin, Vernia and Glen Navel.

Top grapefruit varieties were Ray Ruby followed by Ruby Red and Flame.

Top mandarins were US Early Pride, Orri and Tango.

Swingle citrumelo remained the top rootstock, although the percentage of its use dropped to the lowest level in more than 25 years.

other popular rootstocks included Kuharske, sour orange and X-639.

Non-traditional and newer rootstocks created the most excitement and were in short supply.

Experimental rootstock seed was non-existent or in short supply, according to the report.

To address the issue, the bureau took unprecedented steps to allow Florida rootstock material to be micro-propagated out of state and brought back to Florida under permit.