Spring in Georgia proved one for the record books, with average temperatures in many areas setting new highs.

Rainfall across the state varied from 25 percent or normal due to the ongoing drought to 500 percent of normal because of the rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Beryl, according to a University of Georgia news release.

In Atlanta, the average monthly temperature for May was 73.9 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.8 degrees above normal.

In Svannah it averaged 75.9 degrees, or 2.6 degrees above normal, and in Macon it averaged 74.2 degrees, or 2.3 degrees above normal.

2012 was the warmest spring on record for several weather stations, including Atlanta, Athens, Columbus and Savannah, according to the news release.

The warm winter and spring contributed to a 25 percent to 35 percent drop in peach production because of lack of chill hours.

Late-blooming varieties were particularly hard hit.

But the fruit left on the trees were of good quality and quickly shipped to market.

The areas averaging above-normal rainfall typically were within 100 miles of the coast and received rain from Tropical Storm Beryl at the end of May.

As you move inland, the effects of the storm decreased.

Central Georgia continues to experience exceptional drought conditions that actually suppressed thunderstorm development, according to the release.