A new non-native slug that's been found in south Texas and hides in produce is a continuing reminder to wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

Several of the African black slugs were found in a residential area of Harlingen in March, according to a recent news release.

This is the second time the pest has been found in south Texas.

the first time occurred in the 1980s, and the slug was eradicated.

As its name implies, the African black slug is a slimy, black mollusk about an inch line. It has a distinctive white mark on its back that distinguishes it from other native slugs found in the region.

It can be found in imported produce, on imported ornamental plants or in turf.

The slug can pose a health risk because it can carry a nematode that can cause several diseases.

Fortunately, the slugs found in south Texas so far have not carried the parasite.

Just to be on the safe side, Texas AgriLife experts recommend washing produce before consuming it.