Fairfield, Maine-based Johnny's Selected Seeds has begun offering Kalettes seed this fall for direct-to-market commercial growers under an exclusive arrangement with Tozer Seeds.

Kalettes are a cross between kale and brussels sprouts and were developed using conventional breeding techniques, not genetic modification, according to a news release.

Plants produce whorls of tightly spaced, brilliantly colored rosettes on stalks of tall, upright plants, much like their parent brussels sprouts.

Mature florets have ruffled, purple-green petals with a mild flavor.

They come in three bicolor varieties, based on harvest slots.

Autumn Star is for the early season Mistletoe for mid-season, and Snowdrop for late season.

Crop matures in at least 110 days from transplanting.

Although Kalettes grow best in cooler weather, they will perform well in areas with mild summers before floret formation.

Seeds will be available beginning Oct. 1.