A single adult male Asian citrus psyllid was trapped near Wasco in Kern County, Calif., last Thursday.

The find is about 45 miles southwest of Porterville, where state and county agricultural officials are trying to eradicate what they consider an infestation of the citrus pest.

The psyllid was found in an urban trap and is not located near any commercial citrus, according to a news release.

As a result, there will be no regulatory actions taken in Kern County.

California Department of Food and Agriculture inspectors are conducting a visual survey of the area.

In addition, they hung additional traps within 1 mile of the find to determine of more pests are present. Those traps will be checked daily.

They've also put out additional traps within 8 miles of the find, and they'll be checked every other day for a week.

If no more psyllids are found in either set of traps, inspectors will return to check them weekly.

Asian citrus psyllid have become entrenched in the most urban areas of Southern California.

But state agricultural officials say they believe they can still eradicate the pest from the San Joaquin Valley, where the bulk of the state's citrus is grown.