The brown marmorated stink bug is making its way across America.

In November 2012, the pest was confirmed in Utah and his now being found in Salt Lake City homes, according to a news release.

It is not known whether the stink bug will gain a foothold and spread in Utah as it has in many Eastern states.

Brown marmorated stink bug was first confirmed in the United States in Pennsylvania in 2001.

Since that time, it's spread along the eastern seaboard, causing severe damage to numerous crops.

In 2002, it was found in Portland, Ore., and also has been in localized infestations in Washington and California.

Brown marmorated stink bugs feed on more than 60 crops, ranging from field corn and soybeans to tree fruit, peppers and tomatoes.

They hibernate in structures, such as old trees or houses.

During the fall, they congregate on structures, emitting a pheromone that signals other stink bugs to join them.

In the East, they've become a nuisance for homeowners who have to deal with the invading and odiferous hordes.