Monsanto's Seminis vegetable seed division has introduced three seedless watermelon varieties that have classic watermelon flavor without seeds.

The three, all triploids, are SV0241WA, SV0258WA and WM8317, according to a news release.

• SV0241WA is a high-quality 45/60-count watermelon with an average of three to four fruit per plants. It produces uniformly shaped fruit with a high quality interior and crisp flesh. Brix averages 11 degrees or higher. The new variety also has resistance to anthracnose and intermediate resistance to Fusarium wilt race 1.

• SV0258WA produces fruit n the 36-count range in the West and Northeast. The fruit has a cruncy texture, great color and great taste, according to the release.

• WM8317 is designed for the southeast. It produces fruit with dark green skin, consistent round shape, an average of 11 degrees Brix and deep red color. It has intermediate resistance to both anthracnose and Fusarium wilt race 1.