A new chipping potato variety appears to be more tolerant to heat-induced internal problems as well as frying up less oily.

Elkton, as the new variety is dubbed, went through 19 trials from 2003-2013 in Florida, according to a news release.

Additional trials were conducted in Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Atlantic is the standard chipping variety against which new introductions are compared.

Elkton has better yields per acre, producing 36,800 pounds or 13 percent more than Atlantic.

Elkton is more oval than Atlantic, which is round. Round is preferred, but University of Florida scientists haven't heard any industry feedback on the variety's shape.

Elkton also is less susceptible to internal heat necrosis, a disorder caused by high temperatures and changes to soil moisture and nutrients. It leaves the potato brown inside.

The variety also has high solids, which then yields chips that absorb less oil when fried.