Oregon officials are trying to recruit food processing companies that have operations in their neighbor to the south, California.

The Oregon Economic Development Association surveyed its members about what types of companies and industries they were interested in developing.

Agriculture and value-added food processing topped the list, according to a news release.

A separate survey conducted by a California firm found that 40 percent of California food companies were planning on moving or expanding outside of the state.

Some Oregon county representatives say they don't want to be in a bidding war to lure business away from another state or county.

Instead, they say they want to show the companies the benefits of coming to their area and let the firm make its own decision.

Among those are lower electric power costs, lower workers' compensation costs and diversified crops.

Oregon officials also point out that many areas already have the needed infrastructure, such as nearby highways and packaging plants, to support food processing plants.

In 2006, Amy's Kitchen expanded its organic frozen food operation to include a major facility in Medford, Ore.