Syngenta Crop Protection and its Swiss parent company have agreed to settle an 8-year-old lawsuit over the herbicide atrazine and its possible contamination of community water supplies.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois now has to approve the settlement.

In a press release, Syngenta continued to maintain the herbicide's safety but said it decided to settle because of the uncertainty and expense of the litigation.

Syngenta admitted no liability, and the plaintiffs acknowledged they have not commissioned nor are they aware of any new scientific studies relating to atrazine.

Under the agreement, water systems involved in the class action suit are eligible for payments from a $105 million settlement funded by Syngenta.

Plaintiffs sued originally, saying the herbicide contaminated water supplies and caused birth defects, infertility and cancer.

They also pointed to male frogs that took on female sexual characteristics when exposed to the herbicide.