University of California Cooperative Extension has created a new online resource about Asian citrus psyllid and the pest's management,

The site launch coincides with the most recent find of six more psyllids near Porterville, Calif., according to a news release.

The finds bring to nine the total pests found in the heart of the state's citrus-producing area.

The site was developed by Beth Grafton-Cardwell and Matt Daugherty, Extension entomology specialists. In addition, Karen Jetter, an economist with the UC Agricultural Issues Center, and Robert Johnson, a computer with the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Informatics and GIS Statewide Program, contributed toward the effort.

The website includes information on psyllid distribution within the state, monitoring methods and treatment options.

For example, the site urges growers and homeowners to not rely on yellow sticky card traps to monitor for the pest.

Instead, the site suggests conducting regular visual surveys along the margins of orchards and focus on new flushes.

It also recommends conducting regular tap sampling.