Brown marmorated stink bug
Brown marmorated stink bug

A new brown marmorated stink bug video on YouTube may have not gone viral quite yet, but it's still attracting a lot of viewers.

In fact, it's the top video on Google and Yahoo for those entering the search words, "brown marmorated stink bug video."

The video was produced by the Northeastern Integrated Pest Management Center and is designed to show growers and others how to identify the invasive pest, according to Cornell University correspondence.

The video also shows how you can tell the brown marmorated stink bug from other native stink bugs.

It is narrated by Tracy Leskey, an Agricultural Research Service entomologist based in Kearneysville, W.Va.

The video, about 4 minutes 30 seconds, is the first in a series of six on the pest produced by the IPM Center.

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