Source: Dow AgroSciences

Plenty of productivity is sprouting from four new or recently renovated Dow AgroSciences seed research sites in Indiana and Illinois. The company has invested more than $6.7 million dollars of capital into building, leasing, and renovating its sites in Fowler, Ind.; Otterbein, Ind.; Sidney, Ill.; and West Lafayette, Ind. Plans call for approximately 10 jobs to be added among the Fowler, Otterbein and Sidney sites in the future. About 30 people will be employed at the West Lafayette research facility in the future.

  • The Fowler, Ind., site for corn research underwent the addition of seed handling equipment and remodeling of other research space.

  • In Otterbein, Ind., Dow AgroSciences expanded and remodeled an existing site of one of its retail seed affiliates, Dairyland Seed, to accommodate its growing soybean seed research program.

  • Office and lab space was remodeled and improved at the Sidney, Ill., corn research facility.

  • On Sept. 22, Dow AgroSciences dedicated its new research facility in West Lafayette, Ind. The company is leasing 15,000 square feet of research space and 11,000 square feet of greenhouse space in Purdue Research Park for biotechnology research.
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