Source: Texas A&M University

Norman E. Borlaug, who received the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for developing high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat used to prevent famine in developing countries throughout the world, died shortly before 11 p.m. from complications of cancer Saturday night in Dallas.

Borlaug, whose career was dedicated to using science to combat world hunger, was Distinguished Professor of International Agriculture in Texas A&M University's department of soil and crop sciences. He was 95.

The memorial service, which will be held at Texas A&M in College Station, is pending.

In 2007, Borlaug received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor of the United States. This capped a string of major awards and honors throughout his scientific and humanitarian career.

Various people, associations and organizations are reacting to the news of Borlaug's death. Here is a sampling of some of those groups.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: Dr. Norman Borlaug was simply one of the world's best. A determined, dedicated, but humble man who believed we had the collective duty and knowledge to eradicate hunger worldwide. His efforts saved millions of lives and inspired thousands to dedicate their lives to doing the same. The World Food Prize, which he founded, will continue to acknowledge those who carry on the work of providing food to feed the world. Dr. Borlaug will be missed.

Rockefeller Foundation Statement: The Rockefeller Foundation family was heartbroken to learn of Norman Borlaug's passing. This Nobel laureate and valued colleague of 39 years was a force beyond measure, mobilizing a Green Revolution that saved a billion lives and counting. During his career, Norman and his Rockefeller Foundation colleagues bred and disseminated seeds that now sprout in the gardens and farms of half the earth's people. The world is more peaceful and humane as a consequence. We will all desperately miss his wisdom, counsel, and leadership. His life and legacy remain our inspiration. His vital work continues.

AgBioWorld Statement: AgBioWorld mourns the passing of Dr Norman Borlaug with deep sadness. He was a true pioneer, a friend of biotechnology, and some one who passionately believed in the genius of humanity in finding solutions to fighting hunger and poverty. An extraordinary humanitarian, who contributed so much to make this world a better place for all of us. We shall miss him. The world will miss him.

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