A single light brown apple moth was found in Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, marking the 12th California county in which the pest from Australia has been found.

The moth was found in a trap at a nursery. Additional trapping and surveying followed the discovery, with no additional light brown apple moths detected. Once the trapping and surveying is completed, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will determine the next step.

Since February, more than 9,300 moths have been found in Napa, Solano, Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey and Los Angeles counties. The infestation is centered around Santa Cruz County, where about 7,500 moths have been trapped.

The light brown apple moth is of particular concern because it can damage a wide range of crops and other plants, including grapes, citrus and stone fruit.

The pest damages plants and crops by feeding on leaves, new shoots and fruit.