Auburn University has begun a new pest trap monitoring network to keep Alabama field crop and vegetable growers informed about changing pest populations.

The network targets about a dozen pests. Many of them attack more than one crop so are of interesting to growers of a wide variety of commodities, says Ayanava Majumdar, Extension peanut entomologist.

The first-year project will monitor insects, such as stink bugs, beetles, rootworms, armyworms, cutworms, corn borers and loopers along the I-65 (north-south) corridor and I-10 (east-west) corridor, according to a news release.

Majumdar says as new pheromone lures become available commercially, the project will expand to include other insect pests.

Results from the insect monitoring program are being reported continuously on at

For more information on the insect monitoring program, contact Majumdar at (251) 331-8416 or at