The Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation have registered Vivando fungicide from BASF Corp. of Research Triangle Park, N.C.

It is labeled for powdery mildew control on wine-, table and raisin grapes.

Registrations are pending in several other states.

The active ingredient, metrafenone, belongs to the new benzophenone class of chemistry that has a unique mode of action, according to a news release.

Although the exact mode of action is unknown, researchers suspect the chemical works on actins, which are structural proteins critical to cell division and function.

Metrafenone was included in field trials under the name BAS F560.

Spray intervals are 14 to 21 days, with label rates of 10.3 to 15.4 ounces per acre, according to the label.

It has a re-entry interval of 12 hours.

Growers are restricted to no more than six applications of Vivando per season, and no more than two consecutive applications before rotating to a product with a different mode of action.

The product works best as a preventative. Applications can be made from budbreak to within 14 days of harvest.

Metrafenone belongs to the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee's Group U8.