The Environmental Protection Agency has granted two new registrations to Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Valent U.S.A. for its Belay Insecticide and Presidio Fungicide.

Belay is now labeled for use on pecans and other tree nuts, cranberries, peaches and several vegetables, including Brassica, tuberous, corm, cucurbit, fruiting and leafy vegetable crops.

California, New York and Florida registrations for these crops are pending.

Belay is a third-generation neonicotinoid containing clothianidin, which has one of the lowest low water solubility in its class, according to a news release.

That means it is readily translocated throughout the plant.

Presidio received a label for use in drip irrigation on cucurbits and fruiting vegetables.

The fungicide is currently registered for foliar use in most states.

California registration is expected this fall; New York registration is pending, according to the release.

The new registration gives growers the ability to effectively prevent or control downy mildew and Phytophthora blight (caused by P. capsici) even earlier in the season.

Presidio contains the active ingredient fluopicolide, which belongs to the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee's Group 43.