Chemtura Corp. of Middlebury, Conn., has added abamectin-based Temprano to its lineup of miticides.

It provides quick knockdown as well as residual control of mites, including two-spotted spider mites and European red mites, as well as thrips and leafminers. It is labeled for more than 40 crops, including tree fruit, vines and vegetables.

According to research conducted by David Haviland, a University of California Cooperative Extension farm adviser in Kern County, abamectin-based products are best used early to mid-season before the leaf has hardened.

Abamectin works when it is absorbed into the leaf tissue and forms a reservoir of active ingredient for foliar-feeding pests.

Once the leaf hardens, the product doesn't penetrate as readily and it isn't as effective as some other products with different chemical properties, according to Haviland's research.

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