The Environmental Protection Agency has issued new safety regulations for soil fumigants, including methyl bromide, chloropicrin; dazomet; metam sodium, marketed as Vapam; metam potassium, marketd as K-PAM; and methyl iodide, marketed as Midas.

The new requirements include:

• Buffer zones,
• Posting requirements,
• Agricultural worker protections,
• Site-specific fumigant management plans and
• Emergency preparedness and response requirements.

Many of the measures apply to all soil fumigants. But some apply to a specific fumigant, according to a news release.

Under the amended reregistration eligibility decisions, or REDs, the EPA has outlined a time table that registrants must follow.

This fall, registrants must submit revised product labels to the EPA, which is expected to approve them by next year.

In 2011, the agency plans to implement remaining buffer zone measures.

By 2013, the EPA palns to re-evaluate all soil fumigants under the registration review program.

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