The Environmental Protection Agency has registered Ultor insecticide from Bayer CropScience for use against sucking pests on pome fruit, hops and Christmas trees.

It is not registered in California.

Among the pest spectrum it controls are aphids, mealybugs, psylla and scale.

Ultor, which contains the active ingredient spirotetramat, provides two-way systemic action.

In the past, most systemic products had to be applied in the soil to be taken up by the roots and move upward in the plant's xylem. But this insecticide moves in both the xylem and phloem.

Ultor is a biosynthesis inhibitor, similar to Oberon and Envidor, also from Bayer.

Once immature insects feed on plants treated with the product, they stop molting and can't progress to the next instar. Adult females exposed to the product also have reduced fecundity, meaning fewer eggs or offspring are produced.

For best results, Bayer recommends applying Ultor as a preventive or at early threshold.

Good coverage of the target plants also is important as is using a good spreading, penetrating adjuvant.