The Environmental Protection Agency has published a final rule in the Federal Register revoking all tolerances for the insecticide and nematicide carbofuran.

The product is marketed as Furdan by FMC Corp.

The revokation will be effective Dec. 31, according to a news release. This means that no crop will be allowed to have carbofuran residues on it after that date unless it can be shown that the crop was treated before the deadline.

The EPA cited dietary exposures to infants and children as one of its main concern for the action.

FMC already had negotiated a voluntary registration calcellation on March 18 of certain uses of products containing flowable or granular carbofuran.

The remaining crops included field corn, potatoes, pumpkins and sunflowers and two non-food crop uses—pine seedlings and spinach grown for seed.

Use on artichokes will be cancelled after a two-year phase-out period.

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