The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission has drafted proposed changes to the state's endangered species act that could change the way animals are protected.

Florida remains the only state that has its own list of endnagered species. Other states, follow the federal endangered species laws.

The Florida commission has proposed placing all potentially endangered spcies into a new single category, called "imperiled."

"This will be a pretty big process," Butch Calhoun, Florida Fruit and Vegetable Aassociation's director of governmental affairs, said in a news release. "They're expanding species that will be protected in Florida and the term 'imperiled' gives me some concern.”

Calhoun says the extensive document containing the proposed rules has only been circulating since last week. The commission would like to adopt it at its December meeting.

Calhoun represented FFVA members at a July 17 workshop held to elicit stakeholder input. More meetings are scheduled.
"The problem with the FWC is that it doesn’t have to go by the Administrative Procedures Act. It’s a constitutional agency, so if it adopts something, it can go ahead and implement it,” Calhoun said.
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