Growers of 11 fresh-market vegetables are expected to plant about the same acreage as they did last year while those growing for the processed market are expected to increase production by about 6 percent.

That's according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in its summer vegetable forecast.

Among the highlights are:

• Acreage increases in snap beans, carrots, sweet corn, cucumbers and bell peppers more than offset acreage declines in broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, head lettuce and tomatoes.

• Melon harvest is projected to be 87,900 acres, virtually unchanged from last year.

• Cantaloupe harvest is projected to be from 28,900 acres, 2 percent above 2008.

• Honeydew production on 10,200 acres is down 5 percent from last year.

• Watermelon production on 48,800 acres is down 1 percent from a year ago.

• Strawberry production in the U.S. is forecast at 26.2 million hundredweight, up 6 percent from last year. Area harvested, at 48,800 acres, is up 5 percent from 2008.

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