CHICAGO -- Freshwater Technologies reports that the South American University-based testing of the effect of FW water energizer technology on greenhouse crop productivity continues to show positive results in a number of key growth factors, especially faster seed germination.

In greenhouse crop cultivation, germination of seeds is a critical first step. To date, laboratory tests on the germination of vegetable seeds of tomatoes, lettuce and beans have indicated that within a 12-hour period, the application of FW Activator energized water produced faster seed germination when compared with germination using untreated water. The faster the vegetable seeds complete the germination process, the sooner the various crops can grow to marketable size and generate revenue for growers. With testing of soybean growth over a 15-day period, the FW Activator energized water produced 13 sprouts with an average length of 9" but untreated soybeans produced only 7 sprouts averaging only 4" in length. In the case of onions, treated onions showed faster and greater growth of roots and sprouts. Paprika seeds, which produce that popular spice ingredient, achieved germination in 9 days when treated with FW energized water while untreated seeds take 13 days to germinate.

In a variety of ongoing crop tests, Freshwater Technologies is demonstrating that FW energizer water technology promotes better plant absorption of nutrients that can stimulate growth rate of roots and plants due to a significant reduction in the size of treated water molecules and a reduction of water surface tension. Growers using FW's proven productivity enhancement capabilities will have bigger and healthier commercial crops and most important, will get their produce to market faster and in prime condition.

The company believes that these professionally conducted tests will generate considerable opportunity for a dynamic new market for our FW water energizer technology at a time when growing of the world's important vegetable crops will demand both profitable and consistent quality demanded by consumers while reducing fertilizer and pesticide use as a result of Freshwater's creation of superior growing conditions.

FW Water Activators are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, prolong equipment life, have a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and, most importantly, are environmentally friendly and avoid the introduction of harmful materials into the environment.

SOURCE: Freshwater Technologies Inc.