Kubota Tractor Corp. of Torrance, Calif., has introduced four models to its M-Series mid-sized tractor line: the M100X, M110X, M126X and M135X.

They feature net horsepower engines of 97.7, 107.5, 125 and 135, respectively, according to a news release.

The M100X and M110X are powered by a Kubota V3800 engine, whereas the M126X and M135X feature the new V6108 four-cylinder, high-torque engine.

The M135X also features a 374-cubic-inch turbocharged direct-injection diesel engine for 118 PTO horsepower.

New dash instrumentation includes a central command LCD panel that displays engine information, fuel use per hour, travel direction and gear selection.

The electronic management system—K-EMS—offers a computerized governor control dial that maintains engine revolutions per minute. It also features a cruise-control to maintain a constant speed.

For more information, visit http://www.kubota.com.