Marrone Organic Innovations Inc. has changed its name to Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. to better reflect the Davis, Calif., company's goals and product line.

“We are proud to be in the biopesticide business, a crop protection category that is growing, maturing and realizing widespread acceptance in agribusiness globally,” founder and chief executive officer Pam Marrone said in a news release.

All of the company's products are derived from biological or natural sources.

More than 80 percent of biopesticides are used by producers using conventional farming practices. Nevertheless, Marrone says developing products for the organic markets will continue to have a high priority.

The company currently markets three products: Regalia, a bacteriacide and fungicide; GreenMatch, a burndown herbicide that contains citrus oil extracts for organic production; and GreenMarch EX, a burndown that contains lemongrass oil extracts for organic production and landscaping.