By Andy Nelson

The Packer

At its annual shareholder meeting, McDonald's USA in Oak Brook, Ill., announced plans to add more fruits and vegetables to its menus, a company official say.

Officials gave few details at the meeting, but they say future fruit offerings could include smoothies and side dishes, says Christina Alfaro, U.S. communications manager.

Alfaro would not comment on whether those smoothies would include fresh fruit, but McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud said the smoothies probably won’t be made with fresh fruit.

Alfaro also says the company is considering new ways of adding fruits and vegetables to its Happy Meals.

McDonald's has had success in the U.S. with its apple slices and salads and in China with its corn cups, Alfaro says.

In April, McDonald’s introduced its new lime-infused Southwest salad. The item will be available through September.

McDonald's introduced Apple Dippers in 2004. The fresh-cut fruit comes in 2.4-ounce bags and is available a la carte and in Happy Meals.

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