Michigan Department of Agriculture officials continue to survey for two new blueberry viruses as part of an eradication program.

So far, the incidence of blueberry scorch virus and blueberry virus has been localized, accoding to a news release.

Infected blueberry plants at two locations have been removed and destroyed.

Scorch has since been discovered at a third location, and the plants have been ordered destroyed.

Tests of nearby plants have been negative.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with Michigan State Unviersity, is testing blueberry plants at the university's Trevor Nichols Research Complex in Fennville.

Blueberry shock is pollen-transmitted and is vectored by aphids. Annemiek Schilder, a unviersity plant pathologist, says he's unsure where the commonly found Illinoia pepperi aphid species is able to spread the virus.

The university is holding an informational meeting about the viruses at the Trevor Nichols Center on Sept. 24 from 9 a.m.-noon.