"Citrus Growing in Florida” has been expanded and updated and just published in its fifth edition. The 310-page resource also contains 16 pages with 32 color photos.

This easy-to-use resource is designed for those who want to grow citrus and those currently growing the crop. The appendix provides cost-of-production figures for Florida as well as other citrus-producing states.

The publication was last revised in 1999.

To order this book from Florida Science Source Inc. in Long Boat Key, Fla., visit http//www.ultimatecitrus.com. It also can e ordered by calling (941) 383-4680.

The cost is $30 plus shipping and handling.

The 200-page hard-bound book, “Pathogens Infecting Insects & Mites of Citrus,” was written by five noted entomologists.

With full-color photographs and illustrations, it is a pictorial guide to the bacteria, fungi and viruses that infect the arthropods found on citrus. It also provides illustrations of plant injury, diagnostic characteristics and alternative ornamental hosts.

The book costs $90, plus shipping and handling, and can be ordered from Friends of the Microbe LLC, 2841 Prince John Road, Winter Park, FL 32792. It also can be ordered online at http://insectpathogens.com/index.htm or through Florida Science Source Inc.